November 2005

Artist Statement
The piece explores voyeurism, not through surveillance modes but through direct observation. Elements of construction sites come into play, encouraging the viewer to peek into what is behind the glowing curtain. Meanwhile, the viewer feels as though he/she is engaging in a wrongful act in watching this mundane scene, seeing what should not be seen. The audio, flashlight, and character in the video all further the notion that the viewer is secretly watching this scene from outside. The viewer must take an active role with this piece, listening to personal audio and crouching down to the ground.

An air duct (or in the case of this work-in-progress, a tunnel constructed from matteboard) rests on sawhorses with rear projection at its far end. A green tarp hooked to the ceiling conceals the construction of the piece. The light from the projection through the tarp casts a green light in the room. The room is dark otherwise, and the viewer must enter with a flashlight. Audio from the projection video can be heard from the exterior. A separate audio track of outdoor noises loops on a discman; a set of headphones linked to this audio are found at the entrance to the tunnel, where a square has been cut out of the tarp. The viewer must kneel down to look into the tunnel, where they see a looping video clip shot at the same height perspective. The installation is located in a room amongst other objects that already belong there.

-3'x8' space, corner of room
-ceiling space (height no more than 9') with allowance for hooks
-digital projector, DVD player, discman w/ headphones

diagram 01
photo 01 (lights on)
photo 02
photo 03
photo 04 (light from tunnel)
photo 05 (view through tunnel)
photo 06 (view through tunnel)
photo 07
photo 08
photo 09
photo 10
photo 11 (view behind tarp)

audio excerpt (headphones)
tunnel video excerpt
video of installation (lights on)
video of installation (lights off)