October 2005

Artist Statement
"Einstein's universe was a multiplicity of parallel and asynchronous timelines." -Joel Cadabe.

This quote served as the inspiration for this piece exploring fragmentation and the passage of time of a single event. Pace is set by perception. Can this single moment exist as many? How do we define which is real?

A video is projected onto the far wall, while sheets of vellum hanging from the ceiling interfere and catch the image. The nature of vellum allows the image to display on each side of the paper, causing both front and rear projection.
This video features a split screen (grid of 16) image of a girl walking. Each image plays back at a different speed, from highly accelerated to barely noticeable movement. At what point do they all match up? Which is the "real" speed? There is no audio accompanying the clip. The viewer is free to walk inbetween the sheets of vellum.

Enclosed room. Large number of sheets of vellum paper strung to the ceiling with fishing wire. Projector at end of room; video catches on paper.

-enclosed room
-digital projector, DVD player

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